What's it like to be a Governor?

Governing Bodies DO:

Set the overall budget for the school

Decide on the level of pay for its school’s teachers

Decide on the number of staff 

Help to decide the priorities for improving the school when the school improvement plan is being drawn up

Ensure the National Curriculum is taught to all pupils

Set targets for pupil achievement

Publish national tests and exam results

Compare the performance of their school to similar schools

Receive information about the quality of teaching in the school

Have a published strategy for dealing with parental complaints and concerns

Ensure health and safety issues are addressed

Set the times of school sessions

Need to consult the head when making decisions

Governing bodies DON’T

Inspect the school

After visiting the school report back on the quality of teaching

Authorise all expenditure

Share concerns about staff capability

Decide on how pupils are taught different subjects

Have the right to exclude a pupil

Write the school’s policies on their own

‘Rubber stamp’ recommendations from the headteacher

Automatically approve all apologies sent by governors

Need to be aware of the performance objectives which have been set for individual teachers

Write the Ofsted Action Plan on their own