All children will have access to computers, laptops, tape recorders, Digital Blue video cameras and other ICT hardware such as interactive whiteboards in each room called SMARTboards.

Classes including Foundation, are timetabled for ICT sessions every week.  Extra sessions are then available to include ICT in other curriculum areas such as Science, History, Geography etc.  The laptops are also timetabled for Years 1 and 2 children for short activities within their class area using a wireless connection.


They will use a variety of educational software to develop ICT skills and to enhance learning in other areas of the curriculum. The children will experience using loaded software and loading some CD-Roms themselves.  The range of uses of ICT in the wider world will be explored.  There is internet access available in the suite and on all laptops.  We have very strict and controlled internet access and children are only allowed to explore the web under adult supervision as stated in our ICT policy.