Computing at Holmwood School and Nursery


At Holmwood School and Nursery children learn about computing and online safety through structured computing lessons. We have chosen to use a scheme of work called Kapow to deliver this to our children as it instils a sense of enjoyment around using technology, which develops our pupils’ appreciation of its capabilities and the opportunities technology has to offer. Children use technology to create, manage, organise and collaborate throughout our units of work, from programming to digital media and online safety. Tinkering with software and programs forms a part of the ethos of the scheme as we want to develop pupils’ confidence when encountering new technology, which is a vital skill in the ever evolving and changing landscape of technology. Through our curriculum, we intend for our pupils not only to be digitally competent and have a range of transferable skills at a suitable level for the next stage of their education, but also be responsible online citizens.


We are very fortunate to be part of IFtL who have rolled out a 1:1 device project for all children in year 2, and provided a large number of other up to date devices for the rest of the school to use. Alongside the computing curriculum, we aim to use these devices to embed computing and technology within the curriculum, and prepare children for a digital world.


Learning about Internet Safety is vital and every year we set aside a week to ensure this is embedded appropriately for their age, as well as how to be a SMART learner.


Computing Progression of Knowledge and Skills