Computing at Holmwood School and Nursery

Children at Holmwood School learn about Computing and Internet Safety through structured, developed lessons. Computing capability is an essential skill for life and enables our learners to participate more readily in a rapidly changing world. Using the internet and email, for example, gives them rapid access to ideas and experiences from a wide range of people, communities and cultures.


The children will learn to experience and develop skills that will help them make the most of adult life. Information Technology isn't simply about computers, it includes anything that requires the input of instructions to produce specific outcomes e.g. cameras, calculators, CD players.   The children have opportunities to program floor robots, write their own algorithms and codes, and problem solve when they don’t go according to plan.


Learning about Internet Safety is vital and every year we set aside a week to ensure this is embedded appropriately for their age, as well as how to be a SMART learner.


Computing Progression Plan - September 2020