RE at Holmwood School and Nursery


At Holmwood School and Nursery we follow the Milton Keynes syllabus for teaching Religious Education.


Stories are used frequently in RE lessons to teach the children about special celebrations and festivals, important times in their lives, special places and important people. Using fiction books helps the children to visualise people, places and events and begin to understand how others people’s lives may be similar or different to their own. These stories also help to promote our love and enjoyment of reading. Children will revisit some of these stories as they move through our school and will learn to retell some of them in their own words.


In Nursery and Reception, Religious Education is taught throughout the year. We encourage families to share their own traditions, festivals and experiences and we learn about these in school. We use photos, stories and resources to let children explore and learn about these special times in the school year. Children begin to recognise that different families have different traditions, festivals and beliefs.


In Key Stage 1 Religious Education is taught in half-termly units. The children primarily learn about Christianity and Judaism, however we also look for opportunities to learn about festivals and traditions from different faiths if they are celebrated by children within our school. When teaching Religious Education we use stories, photos, artefacts and resources. We also sometimes invite parents or visitors into school to talk to the children about their own experiences. 


When children leave our school we hope they will have a good understanding that lots of families choose to belong to a faith. The children understand that different families may visit a place which is special to them and they may celebrate different festivals or have different traditions. 

Religious Education Progression of Knowledge and Skills


R.E Curriculum Pathway