Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship Education helps children to understand their role in society and how to keep themselves safe and healthy.  PSHCE also has a key role in helping children to form good working relationships with both children and adults.  Additionally, children are encouraged to have a greater understanding of the environment and think of ways they can improve it, for example the children at Holmwood will be helping to plan the wildlife area, which will further enhance the school's grounds.

PSHCE has links with other aspects of the curriculum, for example the work in Science on healthy eating can be seen as part of the PSHCE curriculum.  In Religious Education, children learn to value the cultures and beliefs of others.

As part of PSHCE, the children enjoy a range of enrichment activities during the year.  They have heard about the experiences of some of the area's Senior Citizens after the war and enjoyed days to celebrate cultural diversity e.g Ghana Day.  The school responds to World disasters by having a prayer tree and raising much needed funds.  Other charities have also been used as a focus to raise children's awareness of the difficulties faced by others.e.g Brain Trust, Comic Relief, Children in Need, NSPCC, Milton Keynes Food Banks.

The children at Holmwood also enjoy 'Kaleidoscope' time when the whole class comes together to share ideas, positive experiences and discuss how they can overcome difficulties.