Restorative Principles at Holmwood School and Nursery


At Holmwood School and Nursery we follow restorative principles. This is a whole school learning approach where the focus is on building relationships with, and between children and encouraging supportive and respectful behaviour. Through this approach, we aim to build and maintain a healthy school community where children can thrive.


Conflict between children is dealt with restoratively. Discussion between the children is encouraged and all sides of the story are heard. The focus is always on repairing the relationship.


‘Check ins’ and ‘check outs’ support our restorative principles at Holmwood. Each morning and afternoon, all members of the class sit in a circle, a question is asked and children take it in turns to answer. Questions can be anything from ‘What is your wellbeing number today?’ to ‘What’s your favourite ice-cream flavour?’ Members of the class learn how others are feeling and get to know each other better. This all helps the children to build positive relationships.