Physical Education (PE) at Holmwood School and Nursery



At Holmwood School, our curriculum is inclusive and allows all pupils to access a range of physical activities. We ensure all pupils are willing to practise and take part in different activities, alone, in small groups and in teams, applying skills to achieve high levels of performance. Physical Education at Holmwood School will develop pupil’s physical literacy and allows them to learn about themselves, the importance of healthy lifestyles, self-expression, decision making and social skills. We encourage pupils to be active throughout the PE lesson and employ creativity and imagination in their techniques, tactics and choreography. Our pupils will know how to collaborate and cooperate as part of an effective team, understanding fairness and equality of play to embed life-long values.


During our dance sessions, we read and tell stories to set the scene or to re-enact a part of the story through dance. Other books help us to think about healthy ways of life including exercise, sleep and nutritious food. We look at non-fiction books about sports e.g. football, running, gymnastics, tennis to help us to learn facts, skills and techniques. Books help to promote our love and enjoyment of reading as well as igniting a spark and interest for sport and healthy living.



Holmwood School provides a PE curriculum which carefully plans for progression and depth of skills through a series of lessons. In KS1, pupils take part in two sessions of physical activity each week, which provide challenge and enjoyable learning by using a range of sporting activities, such as: games, gymnastics and dance. Where possible children will make cross curricular links to other subjects, for example exploring themes and rhythm of music within dance. The EYFS has one formal PE session a week alongside the environmental physical environment of the Early Years curriculum. This focuses on fundamental movement skills, whereas KS1 move into more specific skills for sports and apply these in game situations.

Pupils are taught about how to handle equipment and move safely within gymnastics and games. Within lessons there is an emphasis on pupils being able to achieve their personal best and building resilience. Pupils are taught how to play fairly, creating a sense of teamwork, friendship and respect. 

Staff are regularly given opportunities to take part in internal and external CPD opportunities (using a sports coach) to ensure that quality provision is continuous. Long term plans are used to set out units that are to be taught and ensure that the National Curriculum objectives and EYFS Goals are fully met. Within individual lessons the learning is differentiated in order to meet the needs of all pupils.

Pupils are given opportunities to take part in activities outside of their normal physical education lessons. There are extra-curricular clubs for pupils to attend which have a focus on Brazilian Football, gymnastics and dance. Our midday supervisors also support the pupils to be physical and provide the pupils with guided games and resources during the lunchtime play.


We are ‘PE Ready’ in KS1 and Early Years at Holmwood School, meaning that we attend school in our PE kits ready to start each PE lesson.


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