Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education (SMSC) at Holmwood School and Nursery


SMSC is a very important part of every child’s education. It is taught all through their school day, from the moment they are greeted at the school door, through their lessons, during playtime and lunchtimes to the moment they leave us at the end of the school day. All members of staff support children with SMSC.


We use lots of lovely books whilst teaching SMSC to promote the love of reading. Whilst we share different fiction books, we talk about what is happening in the story, how this could be similar or different to their own lives. Stories help to teach us an important message, and provide lots of opportunities for discussion.


Please click here for examples of the opportunities we provide to help to support and develop SMSC within our school. Some of these happen once a year, or maybe once every two years, others happen more regularly. 


Each class contributes to an enrichment book. This shows lots of ways in which we demonstrate SMSC taking place in class. Photos, drawings, writing, quotes from children and staff are included which show events / activities the children have been doing. Children talk enthusiastically about these books and will always be to recall the learning which has been taking place.