Design and Technology (DT) at Holmwood School and Nursery


Design and Technology Vision

At Holmwood School we strive to provide all children with an exciting, broad curriculum which will prepare them for life beyond the Primary Education setting. It is our mission to provide our children with experiences and opportunities within our Design and Technology curriculum which will promote creativity and imagination, allow the children to think critically to solve problems within a range of contexts and provide opportunities for children to design, make and evaluate products for purpose.


Design and Technology is an exciting and inspiring subject which requires children to develop their practical skills and knowledge when working creatively. It allows children to consider real problems and think critically about solutions. Our Design and Technology curriculum is covered across the strands: structures, mechanisms, textiles and cooking. Within each area, children will receive high level teaching and learning with the opportunity to design, make and evaluate. Our Design and Technology journey begins immediately, from Nursery, and continues all the way through to the end of KS1, ensuring a clear progression with regards to experiences, skills, progression and key vocabulary. We aim to link our learning, where possible, to other areas of the curriculum to allow the children to fully immerse themselves in their learning experience.


At our school, we encourage the children to take risks, become innovators and think outside of the box. Our Design and Technology curriculum allows children to:


  • Experience and develop technical skills with growing confidence
  • Develop a repertoire of knowledge to aid their understanding of key concepts, understanding of product design and knowledge of relevant tools and equipment
  • Immerse themselves in key vocabulary linked to their learning
  • Design, make and evaluate products within a range of contexts for a range of audiences
  • Provide the children with knowledge of nutrition, cooking and healthy living.


Design and Technology Progression of Knowledge and Skills