In the Foundation Stage Communication, Language and Literacy skills are taught through the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum’ (EYFS). In Key Stage One (Years 1 and 2)  Literacy is a core curriculum subject and is embedded into our topics at Holmwood School. It may also be taught as a discrete lesson, if specific objectives need to be covered.


Our children change their reading book on a daily basis.  When an adult in school or at home reads with your child, please write a comment in their personal ‘Reading Record’ concerning your child’s reading competence and progress, a reading target will also be written and referred to in this record. This is a very valuable form of dialogue between home and school and we hope that you will maintain a daily record of the books read at home. In addition to hearing your child read on an individual basis, reading features in every area of the curriculum, every day.

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We follow the ‘Penpals’ handwriting scheme for correct letter formation. In the Foundation Stage, correct lower case and upper case formation is taught. The lower case letters are ‘flicked’ ready for joining. Throughout Year One children learn the common, two letter joins. In Year Two children learn three letter and whole word joins.      

Our writing skills based sessions are based on the National Framework for Literacy. Children are taught to write in three different genres; fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Writing sessions are usually linked with the topic for that half term whilst fulfilling objectives from our Literacy curriculum, e.g.  children write in almost every area of the curriculum including History, Religious Education and Science.

Speaking and Listening

We encourage confident, clear self expression through role play and improvised drama in a variety of situations. During our weekly Circle –Times teachers and children work together to explore familiar issues and situations.


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